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Wire vs Synthetic Winch Cable

By: George Fraekin           Published: May 12, 2023 at 14:44.

Discover the pros and cons between the two cable types

A winch can have either a cable or a rope. If it has a cable, the cable is probably made of steel. On the other hand, if it says synthetic, it has a rope made of synthetic material.

Which option is better? There is no true answer here, as both options have their pros and cons. You might consider getting a steel cable if you are on a budget, as synthetic ropes tend to cost more. However, synthetic ropes can be as strong or even stronger than steel cables. Manufacturers these days can make synthetic ropes quite strong.

Pros of Synthetic Ropes

Here are some of the pros of synthetic ropes:
  • It is less likely to hurt your hands when operating the winch.
  • Synthetic ropes are less prone to abrasion when compared to steel cables. Steel cables can suffer abrasion when they rub against the ground or rocks. Steel cables can eventually wear down and break due to all of this abrasion.

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